First Tunisian VR startup at the TechCrunch Disrupt London

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It’s always a source of pride to see and hear about innovative things brought to life by creative minds from Tunisia.

Brand name : WeEvolve
Founder and CEO : Salmen Hichri

@WeevolveHQ a tech VR –based startup built by a former Tunisian Amazon engineer, Salmen Hichri. It focuses on serving the user with the benefit–and–value of Virtual Reality –Unlike other major market players who keep developing a so complex technology that’s kept in the Labs in the hands of few skilled persons. In fact the startup proposes a different customer experience on the VR / AR market, by allowing anyone to create his/her own world of ‘Live Dreams’ in a very enjoyable, personalized way.

Innovation Areas : Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality – User Experience – Entertainment – Education 

WeEvolve was already showcased at the TechCrunch Disrupt London where the team received interesting helpful feedbacks about their online content creation platform and mobile app.

While they are fully aware of the tough competition, the Dream Team led by our amazing Tunisian mastermind (Salmen) keeps iterating and beautifying their Beta version to be launched publically soon. In the Meantime you – dear reader – can join their fast-growing early-adopters community and take a foretaste of what might become the most user-friendly VR tool in the World.

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