Watson University’s Excellent Training Program for Social Student-Entrepreneurs

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Watson University

Get ready to prepare and send your application to the Watson U American entrepreneurship institute. This could be your Chance to hook up with super friendly mentors who are driven by their passion for empowering the next gen of young leaders and global change makers. Learn more about this opportunity, in our post.

+ How to apply = applications for the upcoming Fall semester will Open soon this Summer ( starting from August 15, 2017 ) ! Interested Candidates, Keep an eye on these two web pages  (page 1 application space, page 2 tuition + scholarship). Also, Check periodically their twitter news feed for further updates and details.

Target : early–stage social student-entrepreneurs between the age of 18 and 23. Students who are Bold enough to think of Disrupting some of the World’s toughest problems, covering areas of poverty, health, education, .. etc. Retained Scholars in Watson U incubation program will be asked to completely dedicate themselves to developing their ideas/ ventures during the full period of training.

Provider : Watson U = a Colorado –based Incubator revolutionizing higher education model inside and outside the United States. It has the privilege of being supported by a very engaged community of fresh & seasoned entrepreneurial talents, which makes the emergence of new ideas, and startups an easy flexible process.

Related info : We ve already got a fabulous Tunisian young woman-entrepreneur who joined the Watson U incubator program, Salmine Sassi : she could be an inspirational model for you guys (Tunisian students).

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