Vynd startup case : Proof of Tunisian Youth Potential

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Here’s a thrilling Story of a bunch of creative – rebellious – young engineers who rejected to just follow the Crowd’s rule and imposed their own ‘ Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle ‘ in a post-revolution Tunisia.

Brand name : Vynd
Co-founder & CEO : Adam Chebbi | Co-founder & CTO : Khalil Ben Hamouda

Adam and Khalil – two brilliant Tunisian fresh adventurous Spirits – decided to break the Old-fashioned model and set up a new example for their peers across our small beautiful North African country. Getting a university degree then moving to spend their entire lives growing their Bosses’ revenue streams, wasn’t an Option for them. Instead, they bravely chose to launch their own Venture @Vynd in area of Opinion Crowdsourcing & Shared Customer experience.

The Founders already defined their company’s innovation service as a pledge of confidence between its members [ clients ] and business owners. More properly Vynd’s a community and participatory platform/mobile app [ download & try from here ] offering users a seamless social way to share experiences and opinions on shops and local services in Tunisia. It helps new consumers to instantly search and find the appropriate venue to shop, eat and drink based on previous customers live feeds.

Value Domains : Collaborative Commerce – Knowledge-based Economy – Consumer services – Opinion Crowdsourcing 

We need to mention that Vynd’s startup team is greatly supported by the Founder Institute Tunisia – World’s largest training and launching program for Global startups (Headquartered in Silicon Valley). Our Wish could only be a rapid growth, large market expansion and of course much luck & success to the Super entrepreneurs Adam & Khalil and our future rock-stars. We also Love to hear and see more of how they are making Change in Tunisia, and we gonna keep digging to bring you – dear international reader – the best of our youth-made startup stories. Tune in! Never miss a piece of our upcoming content.

More Data (for-investors-only) : Send us a Request at hello@startup1956.com

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