TripOpt : new Tunisian Trip startup for a Richer traveler’s eXperience

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Tunisia’s always been very tempting destination for various kinds of visitors (tourists, vacationers, travelers ..) throughout history. And this has certainly made the Tunisian being an open, curious person ready to learn, adapt and innovate.  Firas, Our super engineer-entrepreneur model, is a strong proof of Intellectual eXcellence among Tunisians!! He, along with a fantastic squad of technologists, works on smart tools & apps aiming at improving consumer services and products.

Brand name : TripOpt
Co-founder & CTO : Firas Aloui

Their TripOpt mobile solution augments travelers’ personal experiences, especially, across exotic uncommon Venues – places that are poorly covered by major trip startup services such as Google Trips, TripAdvisor .. etc. As described by Firas, they’re making a Tinder–like  intelligent recommendation app for finding Things to Do on a Voyage.

Relying on a set of advanced machine learning & optimization algorithms implemented in Back-end, the @TripOpt app suggests Trip plan elements, learns from user’s choices and history then recommends Top customized list of activities, destinations, adventures that meets each single traveler’s preferences. And in this way, the genuine app helps trippers to focus on what they really want to do, during a journey  – not on what crowd reviewers say is good to do.

Innovation Areas : Machine Learning – Customer Experience – Trip Planning – Optimization Algorithms – Intelligent Recommendation – Mobile Services 

The team is targeting Tunisia as an  early market to acquire their first thousands of users during this hot tourist season, summer 2017. They will also engage active users into a brand ambassador program  to reach  every tourist’s network across their home-countries.

Our hugely passionate Tunisian Crew, which’s currently based between Tunisia and  Atlanta, Georgia State (U.S.A), are fully committed to not just build one single successful startup, but to launch a series of unbeatable disruptive products/ services across various vertical markets. This time, we chose to highlight – in our story –  the readiest, most packed up case, TripOpt. We promise you, dear reader, to keep bringing you a taste of  all their sweet fresh startup fruits that will soon be on market ..

Young talented engineers & designers interested in elaborating creative ideas/ venture dreams could join our team’s Tech Innovation Lab, HANNILAB (located in Capital Tunis). They’re a group of crazy funny artists specialized in cutting–edge mobile and advanced artificial intelligence technologies.  Until the next piece of content, We wish you lot of imagination & creation.

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