TravelCar. A pure Tunisian Revolution within the Car–Sharing Industry

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Tunisians have a rare Quality comparing to every other human –creature ; which’s Outsmarting issues in a way that they can devise genuine (market) ideas or workable plans out of real-world situations (questions / needs). That was the typical case of our best and dearest founder Ahmed.

Brand name : TravelCar
Founder and CEO : Ahmed Mhiri

Ahmed Mhiri is the CEO & founder of One of our biggest Tunisian startup success stories so far, TravelCar. It’s On-demand car sharing platform service permitting users to save money on airport parking by renting their cars to other travelers when going on a trip ..  It’s shaking up the sector of car-sharing ‘A La Maniere de Airbnb’..

Readers who are still not quite familiar with the concept of sharing economy and the philosophy behind its flourishing startup services, they may learn that the real  ingenuity lies in the idea of monetizing a whole series of items we never thought about in the very near past e.g. a room, a meal, a ride, a car ..etc  This’s how great businesses, precisely our Nation’s pride @TravelCar, are being  built today. [ right here, at time of editing, a wide smile was put on our writer’s face – exactly like the one which shows up after long tough Battle we eventually win ./. that’s sincerely how it feels each time we find out about new huge startup case made up by pure Tunisian brain. ]

Value Domains : Car–Sharing – Travel Innovation – Crowd Intelligence – Collaborative Economy – Money Saving – Smart Living 

Such startups are transforming the basic nature of our economic habits, by offering more accessibility, better quality, unparalleled affordability to our social Lives.  Consequently, they tend to have very high financial valuation on the stock market.

TravelCar’s recently succeeded to attract €15 Million during second fundraising round (Series B), in aim of expanding its offering and serving potential users on the American market . It was firstly set up to target French and european geo-markets. This new investment allows our Tunisian startup to take  leading position in the middle of World’s wildest and most competitive marketplace for tech-based startups & innovations. Hence, all Tunisian new born startups & founders must comprehensively study our TravelCar’s case and follow their path toward Glory & Fame. May God Bless all your Ideas , Dear Tunisians !

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