GBS, SPECIAL executive MBA program for Tunisian Startup–entrepreneurs

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GBS - promotion

We’re super Happy to introduce to you Our new Brand/ Action Partner : German Business School (GBS). A recently inaugurated Foundation, in North-Africa’s rising ↗ startup nation TUNISIA, that’s proposing an enthusiastic vision and curriculum for professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs.

Together along with their spokesperson and program manager We’ve discussed the Opportunity of helping our national ‘innovators + business creators’ benefit  from such outstanding and properly designed MBA (Master of Business Administration) formation. To fulfill this Objective, GBS’s founder & team – generously – set up a more affordable  as well as customized Offer to everyone who’s – fully and officially – working on a Startup based in Tunisia.

Special Benefits 🎁 :

✘ Startup-entrepreneurs will receive a 5% reduction on all tuition fees at German Business School Tunisia.

✘ Students will be able to extend the Executive MBA for 3 years (instead of 2 years) in order to reduce the monthly payment.

✘ A special module on how to build and grow a start-up will be included in the program.

✘ Here, the coolest and exclusive part concerning startups, entrepreneurs and founders brought to GBS through our own Channel, ™ : these Candidates will benefit from another 5% discount on all programs & offers (including the original 5% discount for startups). You just have to drop us a word expressing your interest, to take advantage of this Bonus. 😉

Below, are few excerpts from the GBS Opening event in April 2015 :

Dr. Andreas Reinicke. The German ambassador to Tunisia.

It [ GBS ] came as a result of a private collaboration between (1) UIT : Université Internationale de Tunis & (2) UAMS – HdWM : University of Applied Management in Mannheim, to Develop Management Capacities among Tunisian Enterprises and Businesses. The Main Purpose behind launching German Business School in Capital City Tunis, is to assist Local Industrial Actors acquire better Style in managing their projects and products, also increase their organizational performance – which will guarantee lasting success on today’s very Competitive, Open, Global Markets.

Mr. Maher Tebourbi. Founder @GBS | Vice-president @UIT.

[..] The Three programs we ‘ve launched today, jointly between UIT and UAMS – HdWM, consist of 03 executive MBA paths : focus areas are (I) GENERAL (II) SALES and (III) ENERGY MANAGEMENT. We will provide Technical Certificates (e.g. SAP Certificate ..) as well, in addition to complementary on-Demand certificates touching more particular topics such as Computer Security, Information Technology ..etc.

Person to Contact : for all questions and concerns get-in-touch with the very welcoming and down-to-earth Irina Cordall ( Role : GBS’s representative and MBA Program Manager in Tunisia | phone : (+216) 71 80 90 00 or 55 15 11 11 | e-mail : ) .

Our future partnership plans with GBS will include – but not limited to – organizing Joint-events, showcases, custom training workshops covering specific needs of emerging Tunisian startups and entrepreneurs. We also strive to build  robust, convenient, friendly communication and engagement platform for different parties    involved in the academia, tech & innovation scene across Tunisia.

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