Shoofping Inc. Tunisia’s first Glasses AR marketing Solution

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Always, we feel hyper-happy when making up a story , especially , about young women in Tunisia who chose to pursue the less-known – and less-tried – path. This gonna be centered around A Canada –based VR/ AR tech startup Co-built by  Tunisian female , fearless, entrepreneur , Marwa B. Aissa. Our Little hero, She’s braving the Cold and Snow of north-America, sitting miles away from Sweet Family, to work on turning her Dream into a spectacular reality. And we’re more than sure she will Do.

Brand name : Shoofping Inc
Founder & CEO : Marwa Ben Aissa

Marwa, came to Canada, Montréal, QC, six years ago in order to accomplish A Bachelor degree program in Business Administration and International Trade. During the fall of year 2015 , She interned at Zegal (ex Dragon Law) in Hong Kong – far east Asia. While there, performing her internship, Marwa had received a souvenir Gift 🎁 from her Chinese friends 🎎 : that was an immersive GAME powered by Augmented Reality (AR).  Upon her return to her country of residence, She kept thinking about the tremendous potential of that cutting-edge technology, and the so amazing experience AR can offer to everybody.

Given her keen interest in the Universe of fashion & design, our smart, kick-ass entrepreneur  saw an Opportunity to launch Tunisia’s first AR-based mobile solution to market glasses and so many other luxury products on the Web.

Innovation Areas : Eyewear – eShopping – mCommerce – Augmented Reality – Tech Fashion – Designer Brand – Consumer eXperience 

@Shoofping mobile app : offers an easy-to-use , seamless , fun way to Try On all sorts of  Eyewear items Virtually from the comfort of your phone , anywhere , anytime , saving you the trouble of visiting physical stores and dealing with some pretty annoying vendors + shopkeepers. Technically Shoofping Tool is built around advanced facial recognition technique which [ soaks up ] user’s facial image as an input, then, with a magic touch of artificial intelligence,  it produces a representative dots’ map of the user’s real face. That will be used as unique pattern for testing out accessories on or over any given user’s eyes, in real time.  The new upgraded app version should be available ( on both + ) beginning of 2018.

When asking her about any near future Growth plans ❔ Marwa told us her team and she will be pursuing a dual approach to market their startup solution : (1) B2B approach : to help glasses Shop centers and owners expand their offerings – beyond the walls of their stores – as well as increase their profit margins by selling through Shoofping m-Commerce Channel. (2) B2C strategy aiming at attracting individual shoppers and users. She’s planning on applying ‘ influencer marketing tactics ’  across Canada’s populous & eventful Cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa ..etc.  This will hugely impact the internet purchasing habits  of teenage consumers who would love to copy their treasured fashion idols.

We want every [ single ] woman 👩 in Tunisia to Dream, Act, Be Like our Dear sweet entrepreneur Marwa ; courageous, believer, warrior, sharp and very unstoppable. That’s How you gonna earn the Place – you deserve to be in.

Shoofping Inc , It’s not the only VR/ AR tech marketing startup built by A Tunisian- 🇹🇳 Genius Brain ! We have already covered, in a previous piece, the Story of First Tunisian VR startup at the TechCrunch Disrupt London. Enjoy the read and Be imaginative..  😉

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