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With lot of Heart we’re writing this piece of content about our smart, kick-ass, super determined young founder, Aziz. Aziz – who we met under very casual , unplanned circumstance – made us feel there’s something cool, fun and special about this guy. He simply represents the Power of new Gen of Tunisian tech-entrepreneurs. 

Brand name : ProviData
Founder & CEO : M. Aziz Najjar

ProviData, is about BigData, Deep Insights, and Visualization. In an era where everything (from Humans to Objects) is being electronically bugged, mentored and used as data points, mountains of information are waiting to be processed, analyzed, mapped then taken advantage of.   

Innovation Areas : Business Intelligence – BigData Analytics – Predictive Modeling –  Intelligent Visualization – Smart Decisions – Data Science Services 

Aziz’s got the idea to employ varied sets of data processing techniques / tools to Help Customer’s Data Speak through elegant Charts, purposeful  Graphs and other visually rich formats .. ‘ LET YOUR DATA SPEAK ! ‘ Is in fact our young-entrepreneur’s startup motto.  @ProviData expert  team offers a wide range of tailored services to small/medium enterprises, also large companies, who are interested in leveraging the ever-growing volumes of information generated internally and better engaging their clientele with relevant insights and custom value proposition.

Aziz’s only 24-year-Old, and still have a lot to experiment, learn and achieve in tech–and– entrepreneurship  arena. What makes us 100% sure of it, is his absolute commitment to innovation and standing out from the rest.  He loves to repeat : tout n’est que passion. (quoted in French language) and that says how passionate he’s about everything he does and takes on in life.

We will be expecting more from our Little 🚀 Rock-Star in this very promising and trending field of Advanced Data Analysis & Intelligent Visualization !! And We Hope, next time we meet Him, we will get to see real successful industrial applications for their start-up use-case.  Until then, Dear Reader, Wish you good reading, fruitful day and creative evening.

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