Objects borrowing the ❛ speaking ❜ human faculty, thanks to IoT.

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Everything turning into smart communicator : that’s One distinctive feature of the Internet of Things (IoT).  As described by tech news anchors and subject matter experts – The IoT is leading the way toward World’s forth (4.0) industrial revolution. It’s enabling a whole new range of services based on collecting intelligence from infinite number of ‘Data points’.   

Humans are no longer the only smart entities in today’s ecosystems! We used to rely on our best ‘human faculty’ in  every critical decision we take, or at any urgent situation we manage. This is now very old-fashioned. 

For decades and centuries, We (humans) had invested alot in building infrastructures + platforms + objects to facilitate the different sorts of lives we have. Things such as Cars, TVs, Fridges, houses, bridges, Streets, Cities … & much more, were made to occupy certain spaces and play definite functions. Until the Day when Mr. Human Innovator decided to get little more creative by expanding the capacities of all these mute entities. He (men / women) started programming and equipping physical Objects with Knowledge, Hypothesis, Reasoning Skills. [ don’t be surprised !!  machines nowadays are able to think, reason even at better, faster levels than their Gods–creators, read our previous article —Cognitive Computing : machines exceeding all human expectations— to get a mind-freshing view on this theme !! ]

In this series of short-but-consistent articles, we gonna bring you – dear readers – a taste of the latest innovations and best technologies and scientific breakthroughs from all over the World. Get Ready !! Let’s go..!

Once Objects learn how to speak , they begin discovering and scanning their premises, communicating within their environments, as well as interacting through networks of things. Thus came the name ‘Internet of things’. 

While communicating , a large amount of Data is being generated by these inter-connected items : they serve as data points for garnering + transmitting raw data to / from other several points.  Such Big–Data, With the right analytical tools and techniques, could empower entrepreneurs & enterprises to design Context-Aware Solutions & implement Real-World Scenarios for the day-to-day questions and User needs. 

We showcase below two Global startup cases that we judge are truly transforming the way we live and interact with Objects :

* Nexar = the #1 and most reliable Connected Cars network existing today. It helps detect real-time hazards on the road –by leveraging a massive vehicle-to-vehicle network.

* PointGrab = redefining how we live indoors by introducing smart buildings as solution for companies willing to employ cutting-edge offices for better, more productive daily work-experience ..

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