Misha.tn Delivering the Beauty of Fashion to every Tunisian Woman

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In today’s story, we decided to bring you the ultimate taste of fashion. One of the leading e-commerce platforms in Tunisia, has been launched by the super lady-entrepreneur Imen R.  The very youthful and energetic founder, whose first name – literally – means ‘ Faith ’ in Arabic language, has put her faith into her new born Tunisian Brand @Misha.tn to provide local passionate women with the best & latest trends in clothing, beauty accessories and make-up items.

Brand name : Misha
Founder and Manager : Imen Rebai

The Misha.tn web product sets itself as the #1 online dedicated fashion store targeting specifically Tunisian female customers. It’s more than an ordinary online shopping experience .. it exposes the  social charm, authenticity of each brand and item. Each piece put for sale on the platform is being carefully curated to most closely meet  browsers’ desires.

Value Domains : Online Shopping – Brands – Tunisian Women – International Fashion – eCommerce – Society  

Among the clear advantages of buying on Misha.tn =  easiness + affordability +  security measurements regarding the purchase operation as well as the quality of delivery services.    

We will be looking forward to observing the next steps for Misha.tn growth : Maybe by publishing their own offline magazine brand or co-hosting some of top world’s fashion role-models .. it’s pretty exciting to see a young brave Tunisian woman-entrepreneur who’s conquering such industry .. Let’s wish the Best for Her on this fun & challenging Journey. We Know ‘ Nothing Great Comes Easy .. ’ But work, work, and work is the only secret to making achievements.     

We loved to write about Misha.tn case not just to highlight the birth of another amazing startup in Africa’s rising startup nation Tunisia, but also to cheer and celebrate the efforts made by female founders who rejected to stay coward in safe jobs and moved out to the Battlefield, to fight, build things, inspire, succeed and most importantly win the Love & Respect of Odd guys Like us.  😃 🎌

The Thrill doesn’t end here, for more stories on our Great National Women Entrepreneurs, visit our article edited earlier this year : Jwebi a Paris-based startup Co-created by a Tunisian female Brain.

More Data (for-investors-only) : Send us a Request at hello@startup1956.com

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