Jwebi a Paris-based startup Co-created by a Tunisian female Brain

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This startup travel service coming out of a clever female-entrepreneur’s imagination proves once again the validity of the Sharing economy as well as the talent among Tunisia’s Women.

Brand name : Jwebi
Co-founder : Asma Ben Jemaa

@JwebiWorld offers a trusted service to consumers who seek to ship a package to or buy a product from any point in the World. ‘ Jwebi ‘ – which indicates a parcel, envelope or simply a piece of paper containing a significant value for somebody – ensures the seamless delivery of its services via a collaborative peer-to-peer network of passengers. Each user has direct access to a set of travelers, their paths and destinations, and can pick the best collaborative person for his needs. Of course Jwebi provides an Instant Messaging feature within the platform to guarantee a full communication between users throughout the Value Delivery Chain.

Value Domains : Traveling – Community Shopping – Crowd-shipping – Collaborative Consumption – Sharing economy 

For the continuous safety of customers’ items & gifts Jwebi partnered with MAIF (French Militant insurer committed to a collaborative society) to insure all packages sent via www.jwebi.com. The next growth move to our brave woman-entrepreneur (Asma) and her team is to associate with Post offices, Airlines, with the aim of expanding their startup offering and value proposition into Africa and Asia.

More Data (for-investors-only) : Send us a Request at hello@startup1956.com

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