Incredible stuff done by Tunisians everywhere : Barac

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We are so excited to tell you about another Tunisian startup case which’s on the road to Global success !

Brand name :
Co-founder and CEO : Omar Yaacoubi

@barac_io specializes in advanced streaming analytics. It provides a state of the art platform for streaming, analyzing, storing and visualizing diverse and rich enterprises data, instead of classic complex ETL (for non-experts ETL is a business intelligence tool and literally means Extract Transform and Load) systems.

Barac uses a combination of top-notch machine learning models to read, understand and intelligently act upon both formats of structured and unstructured data. The Startup team has just been picked out by Techstars Barclays London, the most selective Fintech Accelerator in the world, for their 2017 Class program. Thumbs up! Omar et all Tunisian-entrepreneurs who’re out there rocking the stage .. All The Luck & Goodness.

Innovation Areas : Big Data Analytics – Advanced Machine Learning – Real Time Business Decision – Instant Fraud Detection – Cyber Security 

Barac was also selected by Qatar to work on the 2022 world cup as part of Innovation 22. The team now is so ‘thrilled and energized to move forward and do great things on real time analytics and improving visitors experiences’ (those were the words of Omar – our pride and brilliant Tunisian icon in the arena of startups, innovation & entrepreneurship.)

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