Factory 619 : the 100 % Tunisian Acceleration Program for African startups 

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After spending a lazy month (due to Ramadan night routines), we are back, and very happy to introduce you Factory 619 : the first and only – to date – acceleration program in Tunisia destined for tech startups of all  Africa.

It creates  a catalytic development environment where Talented People can gather, share Visions, initiate new venture projects and eventually disrupt markets and industries all Over the African Continent. As its brand name shows, the Factory 619  was designed to operate as a Studio for startup performers and tech artists.

What we Love most about this innovation component, newly added to our thriving Tunisian ecosystem, is that’s been made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Also, when you dig into their offering or analyze their value proposition you quickly understand their holistic work-approach which based on theory of building.  That’s to say, at the Factory 619 people come to Build up very real things.

+ How to apply = candidatures are welcomed through this online application space :  #StartupHatch Tunis ! It  consists of 6-month intensive program  where selected startups benefit from a close & custom mentoring : take–off advising + build–up guiding + scale–up assistance. All this happens within a super motivating atmosphere while being surrounded by a bunch of supportive entrepreneurs, reliable experts, & helpful innovators.

Target : founders and/or Co-founders with early & seed –stage for-profit Startup ideas/organizations that’re willing to  relocate and register their business in Capital Tunis. Applicants may come from any African country. They just need to be adult, and to carry a vivacious creative spirit.

Provider : Osereso = Digital Agency specialized in IT Services and Strategic Advising. It operates since 2012 and provides entrepreneurship related training packages as well. The team that sits behind the company is composed of diverse passionate and tech savvy Tunisians.

Person to contact : In case you feel the interest in taking a chance to apply for the Factory 619, Hedi Michau could be your best source of help !  Wish y’all Luck & Success in launching your most incredible life’s Ventures.


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