Cognitive Computing : Machines exceeding All Human expectations

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For once in Human History, Machines are truly getting so close to Think, Act, Speak, Listen, Feel, Understand and Learn Like us. No doubt, machines had brought tremendous help across many industries over the years. Automation was indeed the major characteristic of the industrial era (twentieth century).. Today, reality is different, we are sensing the coming of new generation of robots, personal assistants, algorithms that could not only perfectly imitate the human behavior – but come up with highly intelligent alternatives and decisions to complex problems and situations.

Industries are being disrupted from every possible angle. Cognitive – or Super Smart – machines are pounding all human- assumptions, by revolutionizing a wide range of service areas. Computers with unlimited capacities to memorize, process, learn and adapt, and with unrivaled power to redesign, optimize, refocus on each type of user are taking over the global markets.

Some of the Real-World use cases powered by IBM’s cognitive ecosystem : IBM Watson transforming, improving, empowering People & Businesses.

What makes those machines pretty unlike any other computer systems is their unstoppable evolving aspect. Cognitive computers are built to regenerate their own lines of code when meeting a different context or facing particular circumstances .. It’s like human being but with modifiable genetic traits – which means they can easily transform into anyone, anytime

In this series of short-but-consistent articles, we gonna bring you – dear readers – a taste of the latest innovations and best technologies and scientific breakthroughs from all over the World. Get Ready !! Let’s go..!

Cognitive technologies have a great potential to affect broad areas of applications across industries, economies as well as societies. With the Will and the right Mindset, we will see plenty of cognitive tools (advanced BigData, ML, AI-based web services / intelligent mobile apps / supremely humanized ChatBots) contributing to solving large–scale crises such as : putting an end to epidemics, countering climate change effects, personalizing education ..

Certainly Cognitive Science introduces an exciting, promising field for global startups + cognitive computing enthusiasts to radically innovate, and change millions of lives .. Let’s sit and watch What they’re on.

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