BigData, in the Age of Data, popular myth and simple reality

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BigData – this sexy word and fancy concept that still creates Buzz everytime people gather to present cutting-edge information technologies & services. In fact, BigData isn’t totally new trend – it appeared years ago (around nineties) when Volumes of [ generated ] Data were getting bigger and bigger .. And most people – non-expert and the technicians sometimes – think that’s Why it’s called Big – Data ! Because of their huge Volume. Not True ! There are three major features of BigData.

First, is – as said earlier – Volume. Nowadays, with the exploding channels of enterprise data, adding the uncontainable boom of social platforms and personal apps, users have given birth to an unprecedented amount of Data and they’re never willing to stop. Second feature, is Velocity –the speed with which Data is created. What marks today’s AGE-OF-Data is definitely the ease of streaming data in real life and real time. So it’s been like everybody owns its own datawell that could start flowing anytime, anywhere.

In this series of short-but-consistent articles, we gonna bring you – dear readers – a taste of the latest innovations and best technologies and scientific breakthroughs from all over the World. Get Ready !! Let’s go..!

Third feature which’s the most important from the writer’s point of view is Variety. Variety describes the different types of Data we can generate or collect : structured and unstructured data. Structured Data are data formats processable by classic statistical techniques and oldfashioned mathematical models. On the other side, unstructured data covers allsorts of texts, images, audio and videos.. They are gold mines waiting for the smart diggers.

Field of Big – precisely unstructured – Data presents a big room for Startups to innovate and to explore the precious buried Value. Luckily for us, in Tunisia – the rising Startup Nation – we do have, a newborn innovative BigData & Analytics startup ; it helps companies detect early signs of cyber attacks using real-time artificial intelligence PLUS advanced machine learning techniques, and was recently retained by the Techstars Barclays London accelerator.

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